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Are you looking for reliable safety critical medical test near me? We understand that as a law-abiding employer, you aim for utter safety of your employees, especially when the tasks involve construction and manufacturing or firefighting operations. That is why, Zosh Occupational Health Ltd is here to provide you with the best safety critical medical and make the experience super convenient for you. We ensure not only convenience but also efficient performance, making the process super smooth for you and your employees.

Our productivity and successful results make different sectors, from industrial to transportation to even energy sectors, choose us whenever they explore the superior safety critical medical near me. Zosh Occupational Health Ltd has a competent team that offers you complete guidance, premier equipment, and top-notch services.

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What is a Safety Critical Medical?

Want to know the significance of safety critical medical? Then let us share with you that it is mandatory medicals in the UK to ensure that your employees are fit for the critical tasks. For instance, if they are forklift drivers or police rescuers, then we examine if their vision is perfect and if they are absolutely perfect for their roles. Not taking the safety critical medical test near me will not only compromise the health of your employees, but any injury or accident might affect the other people in the surrounding. Hence, it is important that if you are an employer, you must first learn what is a safety critical medical and then run an assessment on your employees to check if they are suitable or not.

Occupations that Need Safety Critical Medical

Not taking the tests means you are risking your employee’s safety as they might lose their sense of sight, hearing, or even compromise their balance or mobility. Here are few of the roles that will guide you if your employees need the safety critical medical near me.


Rescue Workers

Police Officials

Medical Laboratory Workers

Plant Operators

Confined Space Workers

Air Traffic Controllers

Crane Operators

Utility Workers



Maritime Workers

Mandatory Medical Tests for High-Risk Occupations

At Zosh, we ensure the safety of your employees by conducting all the mandatory tests that fulfill the National Standards. However, for that, we also makes sure that your employees are at their maximum comfort. We also erase all their confusions and answer that with brief comprehension of what is a safety critical medical and why it is so important for everyone’s safety.

Health Questionnaire

With our health questionnaire, we scrutinize with safety critical medical, the medical history of your employees and identify if they are sensitive to any particular occupations or if they have any diseases, or chances of future problems.

General Screening

After collecting information about their medical history, we proceed to the next step. This involves ensuring that your employees have normal BMI, blood pressure, and urine levels.

Vision Test

During the vision test, we assess your employees’ visual acuity, peripheral vision, and color vision. Ensuring accurate vision contributes to more precise performance.

Dermatology Tests

Dermatology are the skin tests to check if your employees are sensitive to irritants like resins, oils, chemicals, solvents, latex gloves, or soaps. Not knowing what is a safety critical medical means not detecting such problems in early stages and that might lead to fatal diseases like cancer. These tests are very important, specifically when your employees work with sprays or paints.

Audiometry Tests

If the nature of job includes exposure to noises over 85dB then search safety critical medical test near me and contact our team. We’ll conduct the Audiometry tests as soon as possible and make sure if you got the most suitable workers for the job.

Respiratory Tests

Ensure safety of your employees by examining if they are inhaling better, specifically if they have an exposure to hazardous and chemical substances.

Musculoskeletal Tests

If you are looking for safety critical medical near me, then get the most trusted services from Zosh Occupational Health, as we also take musculoskeletal tests to help detect problems like stiff neck, shoulder, and knee glitches, as well as a bad back.

Mobility Assessment

With mobility assessment, we at Zosh ensure that all your employees have no limitations in their physical movement and can perform their job functions safely and effectively.

Safety Guaranteed

Zosh Occupational Health Ltd understands that you keep on looking for the most reliable safety critical medical test near me. Now, you don’t have to do much hassle as we offer you services on-site or at our place, whatever is suitable for you because customer convenience is what we seek, and safety is what we guarantee by taking all precautions for your employees. After conducting all the mandatory tests, we provide certificates in compliance with national standards that will make your job peaceful and effective. So, connect with us today and acquire the best services ever.