Driving on roads for hours can be hectic. During these long hours behind the wheel, an individual is drained physically and mentally. Such physical exhaustion can put the lives of those inside the vehicle and outside on the road at risk. Taxi Driving is a job where drivers are stuck on the road for countless hours. To ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and people on the road, Taxi Driver Medicals is obligatory before obtaining a Taxi Driving Licence.

What is Taxi Medicals and Why is it necessary?

Taxi Medicals is an Occupational Health service where the driver goes through few medical tests in order to complete the DVLA form for a driving license. An HSE doctor helps to fill in the form which is sent forward to the Driving Council. How does the doctor consider a person eligible for a Taxi Driving License? The doctor declares the person fit for driving by interviewing and examining his physical and mental wellbeing. 

The biggest advantage of the taxi medical assessment is its role in ensuring safety at work. If a person is healthy, the chances of road accidents decrease to a great extent. Moreover, frequent health checks can detect probable health risks before time.

After the doctors at ZOHL finishes your medical checkup, he sends the fitness certificate to the council who will carry out further processes of issuing a license. You can say, Taxi Medicals is an initial yet crucial step for getting a taxi driving license.

ZOHL fully supports people at work, therefore we offer the best taxi medical services near you at an affordable rate.

What is done during a Taxi Medical Assessment?

Taxi Medical Certificate is issued after physical and mental examination of the driver. Mostly the blood pressure is measured, the eyesight is tested and medical history is considered. But trust me, all of this won’t take you hours at our health centers. After 15-20 minutes, you can happily walk out of the clinic with your driver’s medical.

Taxi Medical assessment is to be taken every five years until the age of sixty-five. However, after you reach the age limit the medical needs to be renewed every passing year.

Let us add more to your info, by telling you that Heart-related diseases are relatively common among Taxi Drivers. Many researchers link it to the stress that drivers face on the road all day, while others believe sitting behind the wheels for long without any physical activity might be the reason. So any taxi driver, who has been hit with a heart attack needs to renew the driver’s medical before he rejoins at work.

Health Risks for a Taxi Driver

In our everyday routine, the importance of transport can not be overlooked. And so is the importance of Taxi Drivers around us. These superheroes, sit behind the wheels for hours, making our lives easier yet putting themselves into danger little by little.

My purpose behind listing all these health concerns isn’t to scare any taxi driver, but to urge them to modify their lifestyle. Regular health checks, a balanced diet, workout routine, and proper hydration can add to many beautiful and healthy years of life.

According to many pieces of research held on Taxi Drivers in the West, the health of Taxi drivers is in danger. Bearing traffic all day long causes headaches and fatigue. Visual discomfort and sore eyes and musculoskeletal problems are nothing new to the drivers.  Around 50% of drivers suffer from lower back pain. 

Apart from that, Taxi drivers are more prone to heart diseases because of work-related stress, poor diet, physical inactivity, and zero health checks. However, the biggest risk has to be the inhalation of hydrocarbons over many years that can sometimes lead to the onset of lung and bladder cancer. 

Taxi Medicals and Health Surveillance is important to detect health risks earlier in life. 

Why choose Zosh Occupational Health

With a variety of options available around, why should an individual select ZOHL?

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The answer to all the above-mentioned questions is a YES! Zosh has all the resources to facilitate you in the pandemic season. Not just Taxi Medicals, but we also offer health surveillance to keep you updated about your health.

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