About Zosh Occupational Health Ltd

We are a motivated team of professionals dedicated to providing high quality services tailored to the requirements of our clients. With clinics based on all major cities, we aim to work with clients throughout the UK. If you think our services could help you and your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We take pride in being friendly and approachable alongside being professional and a great resource for a variety of companies. We can talk you through your options and ensure you’re making the right decisions at the right time.

Our Testing Services

Working in a range of fields such as councils, service industry, retail industry, construction industry, warehousing, travel industry, logistics and distribution, engineering and offshore medical, renewable energy to name a few.

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Help we offer

We can help make your business great and you don’t need to be focused on trying to navigate the increasingly confusing world of health and safety regulations. By working with us, you can ensure you can focus on bringing your best to your firm without compromising the safety of your employees. By promoting a positive company attitude and culture towards health, we believe it becomes easier for companies and their employees to meet the statutory requirements and foster an environment that is as safe as possible for everyone involved. Not only can failing to meet your legal obligations result in injury, absences and a disgraced reputation but it can also leave your company facing huge fines.

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