Did you know one out of ten people who are associated with vibratory tools are likely to develop Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome? Moreover, Occupational Health Services such as Zosh can help you with early risk assessment saving one from an occupational disease? How? Let us dig into more details.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is a common occupational hazard. It is also shortened and known as HAVS. HAVS is most commonly associated with jobs that involve vibratory tools(power drills, chainsaws, etc). Construction workers are more likely to develop HAVS. whereas, miners, manufacturers, forklift drivers, and truck/automobile manufacturers are also at risk. 

Coming towards the cause, a person with HAVS is known to have either peripheral neuropathy or it could also be due to vascular blood flow changes. Since hands are frequently involved while drilling or mining, constant vibration can cause an impact over the sensory nerves of hands and arms. 

Some common symptoms include numbness of fingers, bouts of white fingers (Raynaud’s Phenomenon), muscle weakness (pain in hand wrist, forearms), and pins/needles tingling. Moreover, gripping becomes difficult and everyday tasks such as Fastening buttons, handling coins, screwing and threading get out of the question. In some situations, the patients also develop bony cysts in fingers and wrists. However, the good news is that Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome can be diagnosed before time using Zosh Occupational Health services.

Some tips for Hand Vibration Syndrome prevention include holding the tools loosely and taking frequent breaks while working. If you have been working for ten minutes constantly, take a short break until you work again. Protective wearing can also come as handy. Some people seem to notice that they lose their touch sensation or feel pain when exposed to cold and wetness (Raynaud’s Phenomenon), and try to avoid these triggering agents. However, much wiser advice is to register for health surveillance and give visits to health professional from time to time. Diagnosis of symptoms before the aggravation of disease can save a person from bigger trouble. 

Help at Zosh Occupational

If you suffer from early signs, such as tingling of fingers, take out a couple of minutes from your tough routine and book an appointment with Zosh Occupational. Simply give us a call or get in touch through Zosh Occupational’s website. Tell us your free days. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Saturday or a late evening, Zosh will accommodate you in a time slot of your choice. Once you have made it a medical center near you, now you’re Zosh’s responsibility. In minimal charges, you’ll be given a proper checkup lasting for a few minutes. At the end of the appointment, one of the members will discuss the reports thoroughly with you and give you proper guidelines. 

Spending a few bucks, and taking ANNUAL health surveillance can save an individual from peripheral neuropathies such as HAVS. Trust me Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is one hundred percent avoidable with Health Surveillance 

Take no compromise on your health if you are anyway associated with vibrating tools book an appointment with us now!