Management Referral

When stuck with a health condition an employee is sometimes referred to an occupational health advisor. This is a management referral by the manager to come up with a mutual solution that benefits both, the company and the employee. What is a management referral? How does it work? Don’t worry we have you covered with Zosh occupational health near you. Let’s resolve all the confusion.

What is occupational health service?

If a manager is concerned about an individual’s health, he may get specialist health advice. This is through the channel of an occupational health company. ZOHL offers management referrals.

It advises on fitness for work according to the current health condition of an employee. The purpose is to assist the staff in regaining his/her health so that they return to work. As an employee takes back his seat at the workplace it aids in improving the productivity of an organization. 

Management referral is a way to obtain a work-focused opinion from a medical expert. He has an understanding of an individual’s occupation as well as his health. Thus, an occupational health physician could sometimes give better advice than a GP. ZOHL works by the equality act 2010.

What could be a reason for the referral?

There could be many reasons for management referral. In general, we can say it is health-related that is resulting in poor performance from an employee.

If an employee returns after an injury, surgery, or accident, ZOHL can help figure out adjustments at work for him.

This includes:

    • Absence from work – both short-term and long-term absence 
    • Consideration for ill health retirement 
    • Concerns related to work performance 
    • Concern related to the effect of work on employee’s health
    • Behavioral issues related to illness 
    • Or any other reason

In case a full-time return to work looks unlikely, ZOHL can help with flexible working hours. If an employee is permanently unfit for the role in the company, retirement on the grounds of ill health is possible.

Information required for the management referral 

OH needs to know all the relevant facts about the situation.

The description of the job is important. It is essential to decide if the current job is suitable following the employee’s health condition. A report normally answers the main questions of the manager. It also gives advice for the employer to consider. 

What should an employee bring on the appointment day? He should bring his medical reports or record on the appointment day. 

During a referral, there is significant attention paid to ethics. Consent and confidentiality are the priorities. The manager receives a report (with an employee’s consent) that is brief helpful and in the best interests of both the employee and the company. 

What do you get at ZOHL?

ZOHL offers face-to-face as well as telephonic consultations. Make a referral for a worker who may be stressed due to his physical or mental well-being. We will evaluate his health condition and suggest the appropriate support that’s needed at the workplace for him.

We have many centers across England. In case an employee is unable to travel he may choose the telephonic consultation. The staff at ZOHL is well trained and is going to make the stressful health appointment into a cheerful one. Take a moment and book through our website now.