Diving Medicals

Have you ever dreamed of working under the sea? Of spending all day searching for buried treasure (or something else equally as exciting). Our diving medicals can help you get there.

At Zosh Occupational Health, we believe in helping you along the way to your dream job, by making sure you are fit and healthy enough to do it. Our occupational health checks come with a best price guarantee, and high quality service, so you know you are getting the best care possible.

Since 1997, all divers must have a valid certificate of fitness to dive. Why wait to get your completed, and get out there as soon as possible? At Zosh, we want you to spend more time thinking about your next dive, and less time thinking of your next medical.

Our diving medicals come complete with a vision check, hearing check, physical examination, urine check, aerobic capacity measurement and health questionnaire. All of this, so you can be sure you are as healthy as you need to be.

This 60-minute assessment can give you all the confidence you need, without the hassle you’d expect; we’re proud to offer some of the shortest wait times in the industry.

Our goal is simple: provide affordable, comprehensive care for everyone in an occupation that requires it. Medicals aren’t just mandatory, they’re also vital to promoting your employee’s morale and interest in their work.

We believe in creating a positive attitude towards occupational health of all kind, and want to share this with everyone possible.

Whether you’re looking for an initial assessment to start your diving journey, or you need a check-up to get back out there, we love making sure you can do the job that makes you happy.

Our doctors work all over the United Kingdom, and share in our passion for helping people get back to work in their favourite career. Whatever business you are in, we want to make sure you don’t have to worry about the ever-changing landscape of health and safety.

Call one of our friendly team today to book your medical or find out more about our services.