Emergency Response Team Medicals

We all know and love the emergency response teams (ERT). They have an important role and a huge responsibility when it comes to managing an incident scene. That’s why it is so important to offer these brave people comprehensive emergency response team medicals.

The importance of these jobs comes alongside months of training. But learning to help in a crisis is only half of the battle. For obvious reason, those looking to be a part of an emergency response team must go through their fair share of medical exams. This is where we come in.

Medicals at Zosh Occupational Health

At Zosh occupational health, we know how important occupational medical assessments are. Our team of doctors have spent their careers working to ensure everyone in a dangerous vocation has the medical care they deserve.

Often stressful and dangerous, emergency response jobs come with a higher risk than most. That’s why we offer comprehensive medical treatment for those facing strenuous occupations.

Our emergency response team medicals include questionnaires and physical examinations, all to make sure everyone is fit for their responsibilities. We take our medicals seriously, so the emergency personnel we look after can go and do their vital jobs.

Boasting some of the shortest wait times and most affordable care in the United Kingdom, our centres offer complete emergency response medicals with no hassle.

There’s no need to worry about fitting our medicals into your busy schedule. We offer weekend and evening appointments for those looking to fit their next health check into their work life.

Legally, emergency response teams are required to have an up-to-date medical certificate. But occupational health checks are so much more than ticking a legal box.

They ensure everyone, no matter what they do, is fit and healthy in their role. On top of this, it is no secret that a well looked after workforce is also a happier one, and what boss doesn’t want upbeat employees?

Our 60 minute health checks have everything you need to feel secure that you are fit enough to take on any challenge that life as an emergency responder throws at you.

From a comprehensive health questionnaire, to physical exams and eye tests, we know the men and women we give the green light can go out and save lives, without worry.

Call our friendly team today to book an appointment or ask about the occupational health services we provide.