Driver Medicals Chorley

At Zosh Occupational Health Ltd, we offer every medical assessment you might need to be prepared for your job role. One of these options, is our Chorley driver medicals.

If you are looking for Chorley driver medicals, there is no place better to go! Whether you’re a HGV operator or a taxi driver extraordinaire, we are here to help you stay safe and ready for anything.

Operating lorries or heavy machines such as this means a Group 2 driving license is necessary. For this license, a medical checkup is necessary before it is issued.

While these assessments may feel like a formality, they truly do save lives. So why not get yours done with people you can trust to give you everything you need to know.

Chorley Driver Medicals

At Zosh, our Chorley driver medicals encompass everything you might need to know before heading out onto the road.

From sight and hearing tests, to a detailed questionnaire about hour history, we make sure to collect every bit of information we need before making our determinations.

And that’s not all you can be sure of! With some of the shortest wait times in the industry, and an option for evening and weekend appointments, you’ll know you always have time to get that all-important medical assessment.

Zosh Occupational Health Ltd

While driving medicals aren’t all that we do, we make sure to keep the highest standards of care no matter the type of medical assessment.

Our doctors are all DVLA approved and practice all over the country. We are proud to be able to offer a helpful, affordable service wherever the need is, and our Chorley driver medicals are no exception.

To find out more about our driver medicals, visit our website or contact our team.