Five tips to avoid slips, trips, and falls

The construction industry generates huge revenue for the UK. Construction site involves risky jobs, where the employees put their life at stake to turn the architectural plan into reality. A common workplace hazard includes slips, trips, and falls. According to work and safety regulations, Safety-Critical Medical should be taken every year by these workers. Although Safety Critical Medicals eradicates the risk of accident to a great extent, there are some other factors discussed by Rim Rogers which could be handy.

According to facts and figures, 29% of all workplace injuries in 2018–19 were a slip, trip, or fall. Rim Rogers is a leader in the field of construction management. In his LinkedIn learning session, he shared a few tips that can greatly help. 

  1. Use optimum light and temperature 

Many injuries are caused because construction workers miss out on an obstacle due to dim light. It is very important to make sure that the construction site is well lit. Moreover, tolerable temperature can help increase productivity at the workplace.

  1. Focus on ladder safety 

No construction space is complete without ladders. But do you know how to climb it the right way?

Place ladder on the solid ground. Next, maintain three points of contact. Two of them through feet and third point with one hand, use the second one for work. Moreover, limit how high you climb and how much you lean on each side.

An alternative to a ladder is stair towers. Not only are they safer but can accommodate more people. 

  1. Good Footwear

I can’t emphasize enough how many falls are due to wrong footwear. Specific footwear should be worn at the jobsite. They must be clean and according to the climate. For example, you can’t wear the same footwear in hot summers and snowy winters.

Additionally, always slow down in the slippery areas and absolutely never text and walk!

  1. Scaffolding Training

Scaffoldings can be very dangerous, every construction worker should not be allowed on them. Hence, Proper training must be conducted before use.

  1. Add ramps

A construction site is never a safe place, but with a few steps, it can be one. Ramps are added so people don’t slip and fall. The key is to make sure they are strong enough because they are a temporary fix.

A walkway is also built up over the dirt, it should not move or bounce. More it must be at least 46cm in width.

How can these be avoided?

By following three ways most workplace injuries can be avoided.

  1. Better awareness

Educate the employees about occupational hazards. Emphasize the role of occupational health. Remember prevention is always better than cure.

  1. Training 

Give proper training to all employees with their equipment. During working hours the employees must wear their personal protective equipment.

  1. Planning 

Always plan ahead of time for risks and emergencies. 

People work better than they feel safe. Implement the tips we mentioned above and don’t forget to get your safety-critical medical with ZOHL. Book your slot before the medical license expires.