Professions With Highest Obesity Rates

Believe it or not, we are in an era where everyone is in a rush. Here due to shortage of time we grab anything and eat. Whether it has unwanted calories or not seems like the second thought, the first one is I need food because I need I am in a hurry! You’d rather choose a car drive than cycling to the office. Right? And well haven’t you been delaying your yearly health check? All of this leads to a big belly, irritability, and sick leaves from work. In short obesity. But what is obesity?

What is Obesity?

Obesity is abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that may impair health. In other words, it’s eating too much but moving too little. NHS says every one in four adults in the UK is obese.

A normal healthy adult needs to have a BMI between 18.5 to 24.9. In the case of an obese person, it exceeds 30. Moreover, the normal calorie intake per day should be 2000 calories for women and 2500 for men. Sadly, an obese person is gulping many more calories than the normal range which builds up extra layers over time. These extra layers then create problems in everyday life at work and home.

What is the reason for Obesity?

Obesity has become one of the greatest health problems. Do you know what is the cause?

Unhealthy Diet

Binging on whatever you find is one reason for getting fat. Grabbing fast and processed food is an easy and delicious deal but in long term, it is hazardous for health. So is the step of pouring down excessive alcohol and sugary drinks. All of this has hundreds of calories that harm your bones, brain, and overall body.

Most of you might have heard of comfort eating, and I must say it provides instant relief. However, in long term, it can be very uncomfortable. 

Comfort eating is eating food to feel better because you felt low or depressed earlier. Rather than comfort eating switch to the idea of walking around the park, practicing yoga, or doing your favorite workout.

Too little Physical Activity

The other reason for obesity is not burning the extra calories that add up as fat layers to your body. Most of us sit behind desks for hours doing no form of physical exercise. This includes office jobs as well as driving. 

We are also more prone to driving a car rather than walking or cycling. Moreover, to sit and relax we’d rather watch a Netflix show than exercising to relax. All these habits are contributors to the obesity epidemic. 

Medical Reasons and Genetics

Sadly, amongst us are people who aren’t obese because of unhealthy habits. Rather they have gained weight due to endocrine problems such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s syndrome.

Ceratin drugs such as Corticosteroids, Drugs for Diabetes, Drugs for Epilepsy, and Antidepressants also play a role in obesity. 

In addition, genetic diseases like Prader Wilson Syndrome can cause weight gain.

Not getting Annual Healthcheck

Another important reason is, missing out on health checks to know how well is the body doing. 

Sadly we don’t visit a doctor unless our symptoms become too severe and seem unresolved with NSAIDs. Obesity is a silent killer. It slowly d

Truck drivers and all other drivers eat anything available. They are constantly stressed about meeting deadlines. Their physical activity is also limited behind the wheel. Moreover, they also have the highest rate of smoking and barely consume any healthy fruit or vegetables. Thus, we see most of them gaining extra weight. 

With such a lifestyle it wouldn’t be wrong to say that, truck drivers have the highest percentage of obesity in the US.

What are the other occupations with the highest Obesity prevalence percentage?

According to Atlantic, the top five highest obesity prevalence is found in jobs of:

  1. Public Administration
  2. Utilities 
  3. Information 
  4. Transportation and warehousing 
  5. Healthcare and Social Assistance 

All in all job stress, overboard schedules, few breaks, and night work shifts are the reasons for poor eating and little exercise. This in term leads to obesity.

Effects on health of Obesity according to NHS


Inadequate physical activity and extra calories are a major cause of Type II Diabetes Mellitus Surprisingly it is now being discovered in young adults due to obesity. 

Heart Disease 

Artheroscolorisis is mainly found in obese people. It blocks the arteries leading to a weak heart.

High Blood Pressure 

Excessive fat accumulation in blood vessels alters blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause organ damage and heart disease.


Due to obesity, there is an increased mass on the poor joints that fail to cooperate over time. Thus obesity leads to arthritis. It is the major cause of workplace injuries.


Not consuming a balanced and lack of physical activity causes Gastrointestinal problems. 


Gallstones are a result of fatty and unhealthy food. 


Breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men is linked with Obesity 

Snoring and Sleep Apnea 

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder mostly observed in Obese employees, so is snoring.

Stress, anxiety, and depression.

Unhealthy food and too little exercise worsens everyday mood and can even result in clinically significant mental disorders.

Most people become obese as a result of comfort eating, sadly the stress keeps increasing with the fat in the body over time.


Obesity alters the way a body stores sex hormones. Hence, it leads to obesity. 

What can an employer do for a healthier workforce?

An employer’s job is to create an environment that encourages healthy activity involving physical movement. Here are a handful of advices that can give rise to a healthier and more competent workforce. 

Emphazise the importance of preventive screening

  • Connect with an Occupational Health Provider. One such example is ZOHL. Health Surveillance allows employees to better understand their health risks and take steps to prevent future health hazards.

Provide Healthy Food at Workplace 

  • Add healthy options to the welding machines. Keep them at an eye level.
  • Healthy food in cafeterias 
  • Eradicate soda from the workplace.

Give fitness opportunities 

  • Arrange wellness and nutrition classes.
  • Offer fitness club membership discounts 
  • Provide easy access to nutritionists and counselors. 

Promote Physical activities 

  • Make after-work jogging and walking clubs.
  • Hire a monthly yoga instructor. 
  • Build Onsite gym and walking pads. 
  • Promote the use of stairs and active transport (bicycling and walking to work)
  • Give exercise breaks to employees.

Promoting healthy eating and a physical exercise is a great option. However, screening is the only way to know if there is any progress or not. Get your HR to connect with ZOHL for quality services.


Obesity has become an epidemic because of neglecting health. However, it’s never too late to switch to healthy habits. We encourage and support you to perform better in every aspect of life. Get working on your health today and monitor your health status through ZOHL. We provide short notice appointments without you having to wait.