Lead Medicals

As a whole, some of us have daily exposure to lead for hours. It’s in plumbing, paints, and ammunition that can cause problems with chronic use. Lead exposure is the oldest known occupational hazard. For people working in industries with lead-coated tools, it’s important to take Lead Medicals.

What is Lead Medicals?

It’s a test to determine the level of lead in your body and see if it has started to give any symptoms to you. We assess if the worker is still suitable to work in the same working conditions. In the end, it is a documentary demand for those who are at high risk of lead exposure.

What are the effects of Lead?

Mostly chronic lead poisoning occurs due to long exposure to materials involving lead. This means lead poisoning is mostly occupational.

Unluckily, there is no way to wash off a tiny amount of lead that builds up over time. Chronic lead poisoning can be life-threatening. It can lead to yellowing of the skin (facial pallor), anemia, irritability, metallic taste in the mouth, lead line over the gingival surface in the mouth, and constipation. In addition, some of the effects such as kidney damage, nerve damage, and infertility can be irreversible. This occurs over many years as lead accumulates in the body.

Why should I get lead medicals?

If you’re working with equipment that involves even a minute amount of lead it’s advised to take Lead Medicals. Lead Medicals helps us measure the levels of lead in your blood and warn you before lead toxicity takes over the body and starts to show symptoms. It is just a 30-minute test. What does the medical test include? The test is history based and a blood/urine analysis is also carried out.

Where should I get my lead medicals from?

ZOHL offers health surveillance that includes Lead Medicals. We have centers across England to help facilitate you. More importantly, we even take evening and Saturday appointments. Our rates are the best and so is our service. But above all, we care about you and support you at work. Visit our website or book a slot over call, we’re right here to serve you.