Ill Health Retirement

Being forced to leave work because of your health is a daunting prospect, no matter who you are. Luckily, it is a legal obligation for employers to offer pensions to people too ill to work.

Ill health retirement is an option for everyone with an illness that will last until they are of retirement age. This could mean anything that limits a person’s ability to work, and means that affected employees are entitled to help.

Under pension guidelines, pensions must be offered to people too ill to work if all reasonable adjustments have failed. But how do employers decide who is too sick to work?

Medical Assessments at Zosh Occupational Health

Medical assessments are a vital part of the process of collecting pension funds early. At Zosh Occupational Health, we have extensive experience in providing ill health retirement medical assessments when attempting to discern whether workers qualify for early pensions.

We operate these medical assessments for people under a variety of pensions schemes, including government pension schemes and Railway pensions.

And that’s not all! We also run health assessments for workers under schemes such as Teachers’ pensions, NHS pensions, and BAE pensions. In fact, we are able to run ill health retirement assessments for most of the employees in the United Kingdom.

We offer either paper-based health check or assessments carried out over the phone, and run through everything the chosen pension scheme needs to know.

At Zosh occupational Health, we know how important your health is to you, just as much as we know that employers don’t always have the time to book health checks for all of their employees.

That’s where we can truly help. Leave us to carry out professional health assessments for those employees that need it, so you can spend time thinking over every other aspect of your business.

Book a health assessment with us today, or call our friendly team to find out more about the work we do.