Living With Disability

According to facts and figures, one out of five persons in the UK is equipped with some kind of disability. Out of these more than 50% are employed. Unfortunately, living with a disability and not knowing employment rights puts the other half at home, doing nothing productive. If you’re living with a disability, does that give you extra Work Benefits? The answer is YES, with medical certification and adjustments such as those provided by Zosh Occupational, you can get leniency at work. How? Let us have a look.

What is Disability?

Looking for definition, disability means a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term negative effect on someone’s ability to perform normal activities. In this definition, substantial refers to taking longer than usual to complete an every-day task. Whereas, long-term means an unimproved condition lasting for a period greater than twelve months.

There are different kinds of disabilities that can hinder work performance and everyday routine work. The most significant is a Developmental Disability. This mainly includes mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, etc. With this kind of disability, the individual can only work in specific conditions, however, in the workplace, he can be given special benefits according to employment and equality rights.

Other kinds include Physical impairment, which makes a person dependent on a wheelchair or some other tool/device. Learning, Hearing, and Visual impairments are also common. Moreover, with age, a number of disabilities keep adding to the list.

The purpose of registering with Zosh is to get a medical certification that allows the disabled individual to attain special benefits at Work. For example, if an individual has severe arthritis he can be put into a department that involves less movement and more work with brains. Meanwhile, someone who has a visual disability but is skilled in arts and crafts could be added to the creative team. Even the working hours can be adjusted, and he can be equipped with tools that make the job easier. 

Zosh makes workplace adjustments for disabled persons at affordable rates. You give us a visit, we examine you, and prepare a thorough report emphasizing the pain and difficulties you face every day. Next, you can present the medical certification at your office. The office is then bound to make compensations according to your condition.

Employment Rights

People who are subjected to disability all of a sudden get into a constant fear of losing their job. Sometimes an accident takes away one’s mobility along with his confidence. The government of UK realizes how a disabled person may feel inferior to a non-disabled person. Thus, it has come up with the Employment Act that gives a disabled person extra benefits to compensate for his health-related loss.

According to the Equality Act 2010, employers can not discriminate against an employee based on his disability. He is subject to all the promotions, transfers, and training opportunities like others. Even with redundancy and retirement, the person holds the same rights. There is no way that he may be retired at an early age.

The discrimination is prohibited to such an extent that the recruitment staff is not allowed to question the person in a way that he feels humiliated because of a loss that is beyond his control. The questions must be specific and shouldn’t offend or hit the insecurities of one being interviewed.
With the help of medical certification provided by Zosh Occupational, one can attain reasonable adjustments. These refer to adjustments made to make the job safe and easier for the employee. For instance, decreasing the workload and providing flexible working hours. Others could include, making suitable changes to the workplace and providing modified equipment.

Zosh Occupational Health

Zosh helps you in all the ways that are possible. It offers health services that are light on pocket yet have a great impact on the employer. We can arrange you in a time slot of your choice with one of the best UK doctors

At one of our medical centers, a doctor is going to thoroughly examine you and prepare a medical certification related to the disability. Luckily, you can find Medicals near you very easily.

Another facility is Health Surveillance. With time to time check-ups, you will have a progress report about your health. Moreover, you can also keep your company informed about the ongoing health condition.

All of these checkups and certifications are eventually going to come to your rescue in making adjustments at work. Our mission is to make sure you are working safely and happily at your workplace.

If you think you are ready to join hands with Zosh, Book an appointment through Zosh Occupational today and meet us at your earliest.