Diving Medicals

Scuba diving is not only used for research purposes, but it is also a recreational sport. For those who are fascinated by the ocean, especially what happens below the surface, will know how scuba diving can pave the way for amazing experiences and opportunities.

Many people begin diving for the rare opportunities you get. Being able to see wildlife in person that not many other people get the chance to do. The thrill of being deep underwater, away from everyone and everything excites many divers. However, with great experiences comes great risks.

the risk of scuba diving

Unfortunately, scuba diving poses great risks and danger to you. It is extremely important to be in perfect condition when performing a dive. This means you are medically and physically fit to handle any situation which may arise when you are underwater. Diving medicals are taken by divers to ensure the health and safety of said individual. If this was not a standard procedure taken by everyone, then you might not be medically fit to dive. Therefore exposing you to great dangers such as drowning, decompression sickness and nitrogen narcosis.

A picture of a scuba diver swimming along the sea floor next to coral
scuba diving medicals

what is a diving medical

You cannot perform a dive without taking the correct training and health checks. Under the diving at work regulations of 1997 you must have a valid certificate of fitness to participate in any dive. This can only be conducted by an approved medical examiner. A diving medical is a necessity to show that you are medically fit. Without this you will not be allowed to take part in any regulated dive as you could face life changing dangers underwater.

A diving medical lasts for one year, meaning each year you will have to revalidate your medical certificate before taking part in future dives. A yearly medical allows for an in depth health assessment to check you have no underlying medical conditions which could lead to serious implications underwater.

the risk of scuba diving

Our diving medical lasts for 60 minutes, in which we go through a comprehensive medical check to ensure you are able to dive safely. Firstly you will take a health questionnaire. The importance of this is to highlight any diagnosed medical conditions, or health issues you have had since the last medical check.

You will then take a physical examination to ensure you are physically fit and capable of handling the underwater environment. A few different tests will be conducted to check your breathing abilities and lung capacity. Some of these tests are a vision check, audiology, spirometry, a urine check and finally an aerobic capacity measurement. Which is done by performing the chester steps test.


We offer affordable diving medicals in clinics across the UK. Our team of professionals are trained to take you through an in depth medical assessment to ensure you are healthy and safe to work or enjoy the activity you do. We want you to have an amazing experience diving which is why we make sure you are adequately prepared.