Reasonable Adjustments at the Workplace

It is not uncommon to be afflicted with a disability. Sometimes it’s from birth and other times acquired over the years. An example is Diabetes Mellitus Type 1, which is inherited since birth and brings about lifestyle changes. An acquired disability could be Arthritis that causes joint pain. Thus, severely affecting work performance.

According to facts and figures over 18% of the working age population in the UK is afflicted with a kind of disability. However, do you know what are the rights of disabled? 

Equality Act 2010 says, anyone who has a physical or mental health condition is eligible to apply for Reasonable Adjustments at Workplace.

What is Reasonable Adjustment at Workplace?

Basically, it is a change to eliminate or reduce the effect of an employee’s disability so he can perform his job.

Anyone who has a disability or a long term medical condition is eligible to ask for it. This includes simple changes made to support an employee at work. 

For example if there is a worker who uses a wheelchair, provide him with a height adjustment workstation. Another example could be, giving a phased return to someone who just made his way back from severe depression. 

Why are Reasonable Adjustments at Workplace made?

Making simple changes give employees comfort in working, but is there more it contributes too? Yes, in the long term there are many benefits with reasonable adjustments at the workplace.

When an employee is given a nice and suitable place to work in, his productivity maximises. He shows more engagement in office work and with the office staff. 

On the other side, showing support for diabled decreases the incidence of bullying and harassment at jobsite.

Even the workplace absenteeism improves and an employee takes less days off work. As a result a company’s overall progress becomes better. 

What is the role of Zosh Occupational Health in workplace Adjustments?

If you feel that something related to physical or mental health is making it difficult for you to work, ZOHL is here to help you claim your right. 

How does it work?

Mostly a manager makes a referral to ZOHL about an employee’s poor performance or absenteeism due to a health condition. ZOHL, then invites the worker for a health checkup.

What does ZOHL ask an employee? 

A medical history is taken. The person is asked about his symptoms, their onset and severity. The questions are also related to ongoing medication and treatment. 

At last, an evaluation is made of how this condition affects the person’s daily routine work. 

In short, ZOHL prepares a medical report that holds professional advice and solutions related to the disability. 

It keeps the clauses of Equality act in light, and suggests what an employer must do to support the employee at work. 

An example is, a person with Dyslexia to be given more time for assessing documents or providing a phone to an employee who uses hearing aid. 

Moreover, note down that the Medical Report prepared by ZOHL will not be sent to the Employer unless a consent is given by the employee.

Thus this brings us to a conclusion that, We at ZOHL support you at work. 

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