World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Since the start of the Pandemic in November 2019, the world has continued to suffer in several ways. Many industries faced a loss of billions in terms of business, others had to suffer at the cost of employees’ wellbeing. 

This day is also celebrated as International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers by the trade union movement for more than twenty-five years (1996). It is now celebrated as World Day for Safety and Health, as a recognization of risks and challenges that workers face every day.

The United Nations realizes the role of employees in every industry. It pays special attention to the rights, wellbeing, and safety of workers. Hence, the aim of this year’s World Day for Safety and Health at work is to create awareness amongst the employees about the ongoing pandemic. This also includes introducing strategies that would keep them safe, both physically and mentally from the adverse effects of the Covid’19 Virus. The key is to help employees manage personal and professional life separately if they are working at home. At the same time, make sure nobody is suffering from isolation effects.

All these techniques and strategies have been put in effect for the last whole year, and with close observation and results, healthy activities have been put forward. An example is arranging extra masks and gloves for those who are at constant risk of transmission. Another one is ensuring that each employee knows about the symptoms of the Virus. 

Shifting to teleworking has reported increased cases of psychological risks and violence. 

Other studies show that well-being days off, consulting a professional, reduction in office timings and flexible working hours help solve many issues. 

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Do not stress or overburden yourself at work. Give time to your mental health along with the physical health. If at any step you need external help, ZOHL is just a click away.