Safety-Critical Medicals

The buildings you see around, the properly arranged boxes you see on the top shelf of the supermarket store, and the power breakdowns that are sorted in a matter of few minutes, all become a possibility due to men who acquire risky jobs. Construction workers, forklift operators, crane workers, and those working at heights every day risk their lives to give us a better living standard.

Their life and health are in constant danger during working hours which is why Safety Critical Medicals has to be taken every year. 

Forklift Medicals

Forklift Truck operators’ efforts may not be counted since they’re at the back of everything. But these people are constantly lifting and dropping cargo to make things accessible for us. 

During the work, Forklift operators have to hold their neck in an abnormal position which results in musculoskeletal pain in the neck followed by the back, hands, arms, and knees. On the other side, a little distraction or sudden pain can disturb them, and the cargo if dropped can result in huge damage or someone losing his life. 

The whole-body vibration during this time can result lead to further problems. Thus, an annual health analysis is very important to know about the ongoing health issues and probable chance of disease in the future. Hence, safety-critical Medicals is mandatory every year.

Apart from Forklift lift medicals which is a job requirement, an operator must also make stretching an everyday habit. This releases the pain in joints and muscles. Furthermore, health surveillance also gives complete periodic health report. 

At ZOHL we support people at work. We offer both Safety Critical Medicals along with Health Surveillance to keep you healthy and happily working. Join us any day at any time for a better health approach.