What is Offshore Medicals?

When most people apply for offshore jobs they surely come across the words, offshore medicals. Similarly, renewing your offshore work license gives you another interaction with the bunch of words. What is actually offshore Medicals?

What is Offshore Medicals?

Offshore Medical is a test of fitness that declares an individual healthy enough to work for offshore oil and gas exploration. The second question arises, why is Offshore Medicals important? What does it change?

How does an offshore job affect your life?

Surely, offshore jobs offer huge salaries and many other facilities but the job is tough. During the work hours, there is exposure to vibrational tools, a lot of noise, intense heat and so many different chemicals like Asbestos and mineral oil. Additionally, as labor is required they work nonstop and get musculoskeletal problems. Physical long-term effects are one thing and mental effects are another.

Being away from the city, family and in close association with machinery can cause psychological effects like depression and anxiety. But these are some long-term effects. So, Offshore Medicals includes a bunch of health checks that make sure a person can deal through all of this in a time period of two years. They are also done to look for any underlying disease that may affect one’s work performance. 

The good news is that through Offshore Medicals even the minimal negative impact can be traced through the tests. Thus, the employee can treat the disease before it even shows symptoms. 

Every two years offshore medicals needs a renewal. In case an occupational disease is detected, there are reasonable adjustments at the workplace. All kinds of medical help can be arranged by ZOHL. WE SUPPORT PEOPLE AT WORK!

What should I take my offshore medicals from ZOHL?

The most valuable thing in our life is health, and before giving it in someone’s hand we must be sure we are dealing with professionals. At ZOHL we have the friendliest staff and some of the best UK doctors who make the little health testing journey easy for you. We offer the best occupational health service that has a five-star rating by many workers.

For further convenience, we have centers all across England. It’s so easy to get in touch with ZOHL, simply tap and get connected through the website, ring us or just visit us in person. Ready to serve you on Saturdays and even in the evening hours. So what’s your excuse?

Renew your offshore medicals through ZOHL today!