What Is Health Surveillance?

Legally, employers must keep their employees safe, particularly if they are working in hazardous environments. This can be achieved through safe working environments, and regular health checks, called ‘health surveillance’.

What Is Health Surveillance?

Health surveillance is important for a range of different reasons. The United Kingdom’s health and safety executive (HSE) outlines just this. Actually, health suveillance is important for:

  • Detecting ill-health symptoms early-on, so employers can adapt health measures to better.
  • Providing data to give employers a better idea of the health risks associated with their business.
  • Providing an avenue that empowers employees to raise concerns about how their work environment is affecting their health.
  • Highlighting room for improvement in workplace control measures, therefore providing feedback from regular risk assessments.
  • Providing an opportunity to further the training and education of employees (e.g. on the impact of health effects and the use of protective equipment)

Accurate and effective health surveillance is an integral part of maintaining a workforce’s health. It is used in conjunction with risk assessments and control measures to create a picture of a safe working environment.

Zosh Occupational Health

Overall, employers and employees can benefit from effective health surveillance programs. But as so many of us know, there sometimes just isn’t the time to devote to such an important issue.

That’s where we come in. At Zosh Occupational health, our health surveillance programs are designed to keep employees safe while making sure employers spend their time on their day-to-day responsibilities.

We know that the definition of hazardous workplaces is broad. That’s why we offer everything from Skin surveillance and urinalysis, to spirometry testing and blood tests.

Starting from just £15 for simple tests, there’s no need for our health checks to break the bank. After all, such an important thing shouldn’t cost the world.

Spend your time looking after your business, and leave the health of your employees in our capable hands. There’s no-one better to trust in giving your workers a clean bill of health.

For more information about our health surveillance services, contact our friendly team today.