Wind Turbine Medicals

Being a wind turbine technician is no easy task. Unfortunately, you don’t get an elevator giving you an easy ride to the top of the turbine. That’s why we offer wind turbine medicals for those tasked with this job.

Tasked with climbing up to 260 feet in the air, ladders and climb assistant gear is your only way up. It is no surprise, then, that fitness is a very important part of this job. As you are carrying heavy equipment around the turbines. This is why high-level wind turbine medicals are a must.

These medicals are an extremely important step for ensuring your safety to work with wind turbines. They highlight any potential health problems, as well as ensuring your fitness level is up to par with the working standard.

Not only are they a legal requirement, they are a necessary part of keeping the workforce safe. Without regular health-checks, this already hazardous job becomes so much more difficult.

Why Choose Zosh?

Upon passing your medical exam, a certificate of completion ensures you are ready to work. For employers, this green-light is vital. But wind turbine medicals aren’t just about keeping the right boxes checked.

Our medicals include a physical assessment, a health questionnaire, vision check, hearing check, spirometry, urine check and aerobic capacity. On top of this, we employ a Chester step test to make sure your fitness is up to scratch.

Are you struggling to find a clinic close by that performs these assessments? This is where we step in. With our 60 minute medical available for all wind turbine workers, you will go through various comprehensive medical exams.

Our Doctors hail from surgeries all over the United Kingdom, and are qualified to make sure your workers have a clear bill of health. The best part is that we offer our medical at amazing, affordable prices which are suitable for all wind turbine workers.

So if you are working in the turbine field and need to renew your turbine medical then you can book your health medical appointment today. We will support you throughout the medical ensuring you are back to climbing to the top of the turbines in no time!

Book your wind turbine medical today, or get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about the occupational health medicals we provide.