Who Benefits from Occupational Health?

The easy answer to the question of who benefits from occupational health services is everybody. From employees not facing illness from their workplace environments, to employers looking at more productive workforces, there really is something to be gained for everyone. Nobody wants to have to worry about if their job is making them ill, that much is obvious. That’s why putting in place a comprehensive, supportive occupational health plan can give employees the confidence that their needs are being met. 

Whether the place of work is subject to excessive noise or dust, or employees tasked with operating heavy vehicles are a major part of your business model, there are health risks associated with it all. Most people who run their own business understand that a health workforce is (generally) a happy one, and a happy workforce gets more done. This is where the benefits of occupational health services for the employer come in.

Studies have consistently shown that happy employees are more productive in the hours that they are at work. And this increased productivity can be achieved so easily, there’s really no need not to take advantage of the opportunities occupational health provides – particularly when the prices are as low as ours. But that’s not the only benefit employers can look forward to. Around 170 million working days are lost yearly to sickness, and some of these can be easily avoided. 

By taking the proper precautions and measures now, businesses don’t have to worry about their staff members needing to take numerous unnecessary days off from work. There really is no down side to ensuring your workplace has good quality occupational health services. 

If you’re looking to invest in occupational health services today, you could also benefit from our low prices and short wait times. There’s no need to stress about keeping your employees safe. 

We don’t think we’ll be beaten on price, whether you’re looking for driver medicals or health checks for employees working with hazardous materials. And our wait times are some of the shortest in the business (we don’t think getting the check-ups you need should take months of planning). 

To find out more about the occupational health services we provide, go to our website or call our friendly team on 01524 877 847.