OGUK Offshore Medicals

Have you been living and working near the shore? Does the North Sea and its beauty attract you? If that’s the case Zosh Occupational and Health Team will help you get your offshore medical certificate in the most convenient way. The best UK doctors are going to accompany you on your Offshore Medical venture and get you done with OGUK Medicals.

For Offshore Work, the first and foremost step is getting OGUK medical. It is a medical assessment test giving the proof that an individual is medically fit to be hired by an offshore oil and gas production and exploration company. The OGUK Medical Certificate is valid for two years. Now let us dig into further details about Offshore Working and how Zosh assists you for OGUK Medicals.

The single benefit that offshore jobs are highly paid tops the list of pros. You can probably work or are already working as an engineer, an HGV driver, a firefighter, or simply adding up to the offshore workforce. Every year offshore attracts thousands of people to join the sea. However, before entering offshore life you need Zosh occupational’s support to aid you with the medical fitness test. 

Why choose Zosh as your partner for OGUK medicals? Zosh occupational and health team offers the lowest rates for the medical certificate which will be your gateway to the offshore work. Although it charges less but it offers the team of best UK doctors that are trained for health screening and examination. The staff at Zosh Occupational is super friendly and gives you free guidelines. 

Moreover, a few hours with Zosh Occupational center near you will buy you two years of offshore medical. If you have already been working at an offshore company, our medical team will assist you in getting a renewed OGUK medical. What else do you need in a couple of hundred pounds? 

To assist you further with offshore Medicals Zosh has health centers near you. These include offshore medical centers in six main cities across the UK. The offshore medical assessment is available in Carlisle, Warrington, Salford, Chorley, Preston, and Lancaster. Luckily, these places are also operational on Saturdays so that you can catch up on the weekend.

What will you be asked? What tests will be run? Do you need to worry? Well, it’s nothing to worry about. These questions clicking one’s mind are completely normal and Zosh has them covered. Team Zosh will treat you at its best and provide the best medical experience. During the medical assessment, a UK doctor will ask you to fill a questionnaire with basic questions about your health. Next, it will run a few tests to make sure you are fit for Offshore Work. The tests will include, Urinalysis, BMI, Vision, Pulse rate, BP, Lung Function, Hearing along with Mental Health assessment. These tests will take a few minutes, but they will help you a long way. Let us discuss why. But first, let me bring to your attention that OGUK medical health certificate is valid for two years. 

Zosh Occupational and Health team offers three types of OGUK Offshore medical tests. Only a few companies offer all three tests, and luckily Zosh has its name amongst them. The first one is the OGUK- standard Offshore Medical. This medical assessment certificate is valid for most offshore jobs and lasts for a couple of years. It is a forty-five-minute booked appointment where you will be asked to appear along with your present valid ID. All the necessary medical assessment tests for OGUK Medicals will be performed at the lowest rates across the UK. Alongside this, a staff member will guide you for offshore work you ought to pursue. 

The Second Test is called OGUK- Fitness to Train Test (FTT). FTT is an additional medical assessment for offshore medicals UK that has the same procedure as a standard test, yet it varies with its aim. It is an analysis to decide if trainees are ‘fit’ or ‘unfit’ for in-water EBS training. 

And the third OGUK test is called OGUK-Emergency Response Team Duties- ERT (Includes Chester Step Test). This is again an advanced OGUK medical certificate for Emergency Response Team that requires the individual to be exceptionally fit. Nominees for this certificate are firefighters and those related to casualty search and rescue. This medical assessment takes one hour and includes a health questionnaire, physical examination, and the Chester Step Test.

Zosh’s main purpose is to support occupational health. Offshore Medicals UK is important because, during work, the worker is exposed to several risk factors.  In order to deal with all of these factors, one needs to pass the medical assessment, and get an OGUK Medical Certificate. Risk Factors consist of physical and chemical challenges such as noise, vibration, extreme heat, mineral mud, mineral oil, asbestos, and welding fumes. To combat all of these obstacles your vision, kidneys, auditory senses, and immune system needs to be strong. Basically, Zosh will put up a stamp over you OGUK medical certificate, helping you climb the first step for offshore working.

If you find yourself eligible for OGUK Medicals or in other case need to renew OGUK medical, take no time and book online through Zosh Occupational’s easy-to-use website. Zosh’s team members will try their best to fit you in a slot at their earliest 

Once, you are done with the test now is the time to look for your job. Search online, or give a visit to the shore. Drop your CV, show your OGUK Medical certificate and wait for the interview call. Once you are employed start enjoying your offshore Working experience! 

Don’t miss your chance at Offshore working, because you have full support from Team Zosh. With the help of Zosh, get your OGUK Medical booked now! Indeed, the best price, the best team of UK doctors, and accessibility in Major cities of the UK. Not to forget, during the COVID season Zosh is taking all the necessary precautions to keep the candidates safe and healthy. Gear up for a change, choose Zosh as your companion!