Asbestos Medicals

The risk of working with asbestos is clear to almost everyone. But what can be done to try and prevent the lung disease so often associated with this kind of work? Well, our asbestos medicals are an excellent step to keeping safe.

As of 2012, those working with asbestos are required to undergo periodic health checks. This legal requirement makes it vital to keep up to date with asbestos medicals.

But offering your employees regular health checks isn’t just about fulfilling your legal duty. A healthy workforce is a happy one, particularly when they know you care about keeping them safe.

Our aim is to detect early signs of lung disease, lung cancer, and mesothelioma, while there is still time to fight these diseases. As is so often said, the best way of fighting chronic illnesses is to know about them early on.

Asbestos Medicals at Zosh Occupational Health

Complete with health questionnaire, physical examination, and spirometry test, our medicals are designed to tick every possible box before giving you a clean bill of health.

We make sure to bring on only HSE appointed doctors for our asbestos medicals, so you know you are getting the best care possible.

The doctors we employ work from surgeries all over the United Kingdom, and offer some of the best care available. There really is no downside to booking your next asbestos medical today.

The 45-minute medicals we offer come complete with our best-price guarantee. We know how important regular medical assessments are, and have made it our mission to make taking part as hassle-free as possible.

Our best price guarantee promises effective occupational health for affordable prices. In fact, we’re confident our prices can’t be matched anywhere else.

And that’s not all; our price guarantee isn’t the only promise we make. We know how hard it is to fit in doctors appointments around busy schedules. That’s why we offer weekend and late appointments for those looking to book their asbestos medicals outside of normal working hours.

Give yourself room to think about your business, by letting us take control of your employees health. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your obligations, and take the worry out of keeping your staff safe.

Book your asbestos medical today, or get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about the occupational health services we offer.