Supporting Wind Turbine Medicals

For more than a thousand years, the wind has been in use for creating energy. During the last few years, the world has been revolving around two problematic situations. Firstly, the shortage of petroleum reserves, Secondly, global warming started to emerge as a major issue. For a permanent solution, attention was diverted towards Renewable Wind Turbine Energy. However, before you start working on Wind Turbines and renewable energy, you need a Wind Turbine Medical.

What Is a Wind Turbine Medical?

Wind Turbine Medicals are fitness assessments that allows an individual to work offshore and as well as on land for projects in relation to the renewable energy sector. These sectors produce cleaner energy and a greener environment. But do you know how to begin working in one of these sectors? The answer is with Zosh!

Occupational Health at Zosh

Zosh is an Occupational Health company that prides itself in offering the best occupational health assessments across the UK. Team Zosh is going to give you a health certification that will prove you fit for working in the Renewable Energy Sector. This certificate is the first step that gives you the permit for working in the sector, lasting for 2 years.

With an online booking platform and a highly convenient website, you can book an appointment for RUK Wind Turbine Medicals. Once you have booked your name with us, you become our responsibility to ensure you complete the assessment! Team Zosh will be taking sixty minutes off your routine to give you a two-year medical certificate that will prove you fit for the Renewable Energy sector.

Zosh operates in clinics all over the UK. Once you make it to a medical clinic near you, Team Zosh will do its best to make things easier for you. The next few minutes you spend with us, are stress-free, both in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. With selective criteria, Zosh has chosen the best doctors across the UK to assist you with your first step towards the RUK sector. These doctors have been trained to give you proper and useful guidelines related to the occupation, and workplace risk factors.

And, it won’t take hours and hours. Instead, a few tests are designed to make sure all your body organs are performing well. A basic questionnaire will be filled asking the patient about his medical history. The series of tests to land next will consist of Urinalysis, BMI, Visual acuity, Blood and pulse measurement, lung function (spirometry), audiogram, and lastly a Chester step test. If at any point you have questions or doubts, you can simply visit for more information. However, if you’re in the clinic, the doctor will fully guide you through the processes.

According to research, individuals working at Wind Turbines have minor but visible changes within themselves. These include disturbed sleep schedules, headaches, dizziness, and nausea due to the working of wind turbines day and night. Emotional changes such as aggravated anger and grief. were also noticeable, which indicates impaired mental health. Moreover, climbing off vertical ladders and working in hot or small places can cause fatigue too. The RUK medicals are highly significant to make sure you can make it through these phases.

Why Choose Zosh?

The cost of RUK medicals is the lowest across UK. Booking an appointment is super-easy and the booking hours are highly flexible. The clinics are present all across major UK cities. And more importantly, the best UK doctors will be there as your guide.

Whether you need a renewal for your previous RUK license or a brand-new one, we are here to be your helping hand at the initial-most step. Give us a call as soon as you’re ready!

Choose the best, choose Team Zosh. Surely, your gateway to success.