Fitness To Train Medicals

Jumping into survival training is certainly a daunting prospect. But the first step of this journey is not what you might think. In order to undertake any survival training, you must first complete a fitness to train medical assessment (FTT).

When working in water or with compressed air, it is important to make sure your body can handle the extra strain. The compressed air systems that are necessary when working underwater are dangerous, and users must be careful they can handle the added stress of wearing one.

After you know you are ‘fit’ for the challenge, you can continue on your journey without worry. Even if you don’t pass, there are other options to consider…

As an industry standard, failing this assessment would mean you were still able to complete your emergency breathing apparatus (EBS) training. However, this would have to be on land. After all, the most important thing is to keep you safe.

Why not make sure you are up for the challenge of some of the hardest courses in the world? Simply book your assessment with us and relax as we make sure your plans will be a success.

Zosh Occupational Health Medicals

This 45-minute health check includes a questionnaire, clinical examination, and spirometry (if needed). All of this together will give us an excellent idea of your history and any risk factors you may have.

If you pass your fitness to train assessments, you will be provided with a certificate that will allow you to continue your training anywhere you would like.

We boast some of the shortest wait times in the occupational health industry, and our doctors know exactly what they need to do to make sure you are safe to continue your training.

Book your health check today. Alternatively, call our friendly team to find out more about the occupational health services we offer.