Lancaster Health Surveillance

Are you physically and mentally exhausted at your workplace? Have you been looking for relief from all the increased pressure? Worry no more! Zosh is here to make your life easier with health surveillance.

What Is Health Surveillance?

As the name itself suggests it is an ongoing system of health checks that are recorded and analyzed. The health surveillance assessments holds particular importance because it ensures that employees that are constantly exposed to noise, vibration, radiations, fumes, dust, and biological agents are not viable to its adverse effects. In short, health surveillance is significant for disease prevention and taking control measures. Moreover, It would enable public health to launch policies and strategies favoring the health of workers.

How Do I Know My Staff Are At Risk?

At any of the places you are working, excessive noise can cause an impact on hearing. Not just hearing but it can influence the mood to a great degree. Similarly, constant work pressure can disturb mental stability. And since chemicals are now a part of our daily work, they can be absorbed through skin and breathing. Moreover, dust and radiations can trigger immune response and allergies.

However, getting regular health surveillance can save you from noise-induced hearing loss, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), chronic lung disease, and other effects. Even when early signs are detected through tests, the doctor and the patient both can start working together to eliminate the minor effects.

How Do You Know When Help Is Needed?

Well, at any point during the job how would know that you need to visit a doctor? 

The first thing is to have full knowledge of your type of job and the risk involved with it. As soon as you witness or experience some kind of difficulty. For example, constant pain in an arm report to Zosh health center near you.

What Does Zosh Offer?

Zosh realizes the ongoing stress you face at work. The staff is fully aware of the health hazards that an individual might be exposed to during a job. And so it brings about a series of affordable tests to help diagnose any severe health issue before it starts to influence your life.

In minimal charges as well as minimal time, Team Zosh will run a spirometry test. This test will make sure your lungs are working well and healthy! In less than 20 min, an audiometry test will let you know how well you hear.

If the workplace is affecting your mental health, we provide a solution to that too! Zosh has psychotherapy near you. If you arent heard at your workplace, Our doctors will be here to hear you out. Rush to the nearest Zosh health center. We are located in the major cities of the UK.

Working in factories can expose workers to poisonous chemicals such as lead, cobalt, and much more. However, before it starts to accumulate and causes changes in your body a health surveillance assessment can help you detect before time. Book your appointment at the late evening hour or even on Saturdays with Zosh.

Many chemicals such as mercury, acrylates, nicotine, and steroids can pass through the dermal layer. These can cause allergies and even severe dermatitis. Skin Surveillance can help detect the disease before it becomes life-threatening. The best part is it’s only for a few pounds here at Zosh!

Urinalysis can give proof about healthy working kidneys. No more rushing to the washroom at workplace again and again if you get the prompt treatment.

ECG reports can provide sufficient information about hypertension or atherosclerosis in the early stages. Prompt treatment can remove these effects and make a person fit again. With referral pain felt in chest or arm, book an appointment with Zosh immediately.

Some jobs need certification from employees over drug abuse. Zosh is here to give a health surveillance appointment for Drug and Alcohol Testing too. Zosh is here to make your life easier than ever!

Book an appointment today through Zosh’s website or by ringing us. Our team is here to fit you in a slot as soon as possible. Worry less with Zosh as your choice!