Safety-Critical Medicals

Did you know falling from height at work is a major cause of fatalities? Do you know these can be avoided with Safety Critical Medicals run from time to time? Zosh is here to keep all those working with high-risk jobs safe and secure.

Some jobs are more critical or daring than others, these include high-risk jobs Jobs such as those at construction sites, with cranes, Forklifting, and at height are very risky. A minor mistake can cost you a great price.

According to Work Regulations 1974, all those with high-risk jobs require Safety Critical Medicals. Which means this is valuable as it helps to identify the likelihood of developing a health issue that might put an individual in great danger. This secures both the health of a worker as well as his job. And it also secures the reputation of the company he is working for.

Individuals working at heights are more viable to injuries than any other occupation. Loss of consciousness can directly put an employee in a great deal of danger. Similarly, impairment of awareness due to depression or anxiety can again affect the employee. With the help of safety-critical medicals, all of this can be known before time and prompt treatment can be started before putting someone’s life at risk. Ariel riggers, crane drivers, builders, and those dealing with vertical ladders indeed have a tough and dangerous job.

Talking about the safety-critical medical assessment, it only takes 45 minutes. Luckily it is available in all the major cities across the UK at a cost-effective rate by Zosh Occupational. The series of tests start with a health questionnaire and is later followed by physical examination, vision check, hearing check, spirometry, and urine check.

All of these help the doctor to determine the current situation of the employee and give him the best advice. Most doctors, including the staff at Zosh, recommend it annually. However, those under 45 years of age can also have it once in two to three years.

Forklift Truck operators are found at several warehouses, stores, and markets. These people suffer from severe neck pain and musculoskeletal problems due to constant vibration and maintaining unnatural position. Stretching daily and health surveillance known as Safety Critical Medicals can greatly help to reduce the chances of any accidents at the workplace.

Crane Medicals is required by all those dealing with Cranes. Not to forget cranes are very heavy run with high power electric supply. Crane Medicals gives the employee permission for working at heights while dealing with heavy goods.

It is truly a demanding job because even with the harsh weather conditions a crane worker has to give his sweat and blood into work. Those who take crane medicals regularly along with necessary precautions stay safe from risks such as electric shocks and falls from height.

Construction Industry is huge and is never out of demand. It has plenty of jobs for all kinds of individuals. Even though it involves working in drastic weather conditions, with large tools, pieces of machinery, and height, it is still essential for lying down the basis of any industry.

Working at construction sites can expose workers to high noise pollution, electric shock, Asbestos,  and vulnerability to slips and trips. These can cause deafness, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, Pleural thickening, and severe injuries. But with Safety Critical Medicals you get a certification that gives you prior knowledge of any disease that has started to build up.

There is no better option for Safety-Critical Medicals than Zosh Occupational. With the best service at minimal charges, there is nowhere else you should go. Secure your job today, Book an appointment with us!