Why Is Occupational Health Important?

Whether you run a business or are employed by one, it is no secret that staff are one of the biggest assets a company has. A healthy, happy workforce can increase productivity and profit margins for businesses in just about every market sector. This is where effective occupational health comes in. The objective of occupational health services is simple: prevent illness, disease, injuries and death as a result of working conditions. By doing this well, you can ensure your workforce remains excited to come to work, without the worry of whether they are physically or mentally injured. 

The financial motive is obvious; a more productive workplace is a more profitable one. Studies have consistently shown that better workplaces elicit better financial results. This is particularly true, when you consider that every year over 170 million work days are lost to sickness absence. 

On top of this, as an employer you have a duty of care to make sure your employees are properly taken care of. Because of this, businesses must allow for medicals for those employees working with heavy vehicles or dangerous materials, and conduct health surveillance consistently.  It is vitally important to keep up to date with these requirements, which is where we come in. You can fulfill your legal obligations to ensure safety around hazardous materials with our health surveillance services, starting from just £15.

Aside from the duty of care employers are subject to, we know that employers want to keep their staff safe. Nobody wants to go to work worried, we all know that. That’s why we at Zosh Occupational Health ltd do our utmost to ensure every member of your staff is properly cared for. It is easy to see the impact of a broken bone as a result of a fall or injuries from excessive noise in the workplace. But protecting against long-term illness is equally as important; the risk of asthma from dust inhalation, for example, is a very real and often misunderstood danger.

Occupational health encompasses too many injuries and illnesses to count. This is why it’s important for almost every sector, even if you can’t foresee any short-term illness or injuries. 

To find out more about the occupational health services we provide, or to book an appointment, go to our website or call us on 01524 877847. Why not make sure your employees are safe in their workplace?